Laguiole Folding Knife


Available in olive wood, juniper or solid horn.

Handcrafted by a single craftsman from start to finish since 1829. 

If received as a gift, tradition is that you give one euro to the person who offered you the knife. Your Laguiole was made by a craftsman and is guaranteed against all manufacturing defects. The blade is made of permanent steel, the horn or precious wood handle is cut from a solid block. However, to keep your knife in good repair for a long time, we recommend that you lubricate the locking notch and that you sharpen the blade with a natural grindstone. Do not wash it with water, and do not put it into the dishwasher, just wipe the blade clean. 


All knives are approx. 9cm or smaller.

Laguiole Folding Knife
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